ORIGIN STORIES Workshop Series

Coffee Sustainability TCACONNECT Workshop

Have you ever wondered where your coffee came from? Whether it is a coffee blend or a single origin coffee, it started with the coffee farmers and the land's climate. Experience how sea-level, climate, and processing methods affect the tasting notes and character of the perfect espresso or pour-over. 

Learn from our coffee roasters and Specialty Coffee Association ("SCA") certified coffee trainer what specialty coffee is. Following SCA protocols, all our single origin coffee beans are internally cupped to ensure the best possible single origin coffees are on offer this season - coffee cupping is the professional practice of observing flavours and aromas in brewed coffee - to make sure we cover all our bases: from flavour, to body, and aftertaste.

Each workshop would showcase a different set of coffee beans from a select region - from South America and Central-East Africa, to South East Asia and Central America.

Stay tuned for more this Spring! For our other classes, click here.

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