Custom Blend

Our coffee beans are sourced globally and roasted locally, which along with our investment in barista training and equipment, demonstrates our commitment to only serving outstanding coffee.  

As The Coffee Academics' coffee team ventures the world, they return with a thoughtfully hand-picked selection of specialty coffees. Our beans are then masterfully roasted and blended into a delicious concoction of flavours and aromas. 

We now proudly present to you a selection of our award-winning blends, each with a distinct flavour profile that best showcases our passion and commitment to deliver uncompromised quality, as well as a true expression of the specialty coffee craftsmanship.


As a purveyor of specialty coffee in Hong Kong, the TCA House Blend was weaved for our espresso-based coffees. The TCA House Blend has been acclaimed by numerous media as one of the best coffees you can find locally and internationally, and scored 92 points by Coffee Review – the world’s leading coffee guide.

This sophisticated and exotic blend features selected green coffee beans from Cauca Department (Colombia), Illubabor (Ethiopia), and Santa Ana Region (El Salvador), roasted at a medium level to bring out the tart berry aroma and buttery chocolate aftertaste.


Kenya Dorman Gichathaini PB TOP

Owing to Jennifer’s delicate taste profile and sensitive palette to low-density caffeine. The Coffee Academïcs roastery created a unique JWF Blend for her birthday in 2012, choosing to include Jennifer's Chinese initials into the title to reflect the brand and founder's Eastern and Western identity and influences. The blend has given way to starting the company's personalised blending service and receiving an impressive 93 point score from Coffee Review. 

 This blend of rare Kenyan caracoli coffee beans (with less than 5% of total production) is a gentle and delicate peaberry collection that emanates romantic fruity flavours with a soft, bittersweet finish. Balanced, complex, and best savored slowly in gentle sips. It captures the spirit of our company's pioneering leader, showing that a complex and long-lasting impression can still be made with a gentle touch.


A harmonious mix of vibrant flavors and Hong Kong culture

Probably the one and only blend that is “custom roasted” for our hometown, a harmonious mix of 5 premium single-origin coffees sourced by our Coffee Master – Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Honduras, and Sumatra - to honor Hong Kong’s diversity. 

 Roasted in our Flagship’s roasting facility at a medium level, this inspiring mix of vibrant citrus and immensely rich complexity balanced with a smooth chocolate finish is the ultimate reflection of our city’s energetic and diverse culture.