Semi-prepared gastronomy packs for easy home cooking
S - M - L - XL

All your favourite dishes and much more:  
- Vacuum bag sealed  
- Ready to be cooked and assembled  
- Suitable for any home kitchen 
- S-M-L-XL various sizes

☼ Delivery covers HK, KLN & NT! 
☼ Free delivery on orders over HKD $1000*
☼ Order for delivery or self-pickup, with 4 to 7 days lead-in time

30款不同種類的新鮮食材已細心處理好。上味、配料、醬汁全部安排好,只需簡單煎、焗、煮,親自下廚好簡單。S-M-L-XL ,從一人食到全家聚餐,滿足你的所有需求。

☼ 4-7日送貨。香港、九龍、新界無界限。
☼ 滿1000元,港島、九龍免費送貨,新界運費僅需$80*
☼  送貨或到指定店鋪自取均可

 Sealed Airtight

Ethically Sourced

 Hygienic Preparation

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TCA Gourmet - Main Course Meal Packs

Main Courses
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TCA Gourmet - Sauces

Sauces & Condiments
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What media and customers are saying:

Time Out Hong Kong: TCA Gourmet

The Coffee Academics offers a new way to fix-up dinner with TCA Gourmet : Popular coffee shop expands to provide healthy and flavour-some meals delivered straight to your door!

Time Out

A Foodie World: TCA Gourmet

The Coffee Academics may be best known for their expertly brewed coffee but they also serve up some pretty fantastic international eats. Now, they’re packing up a variety of semi-cooked gourmet meals and delivering these handy packs all over Hong Kong. 

A Foodie World

ETNET: TCA Gourmet

經常吃外賣,偶爾想吃得健康,不妨考慮TCA Gourmet的「半自煮」美食包…… 連原隻波士頓龍蝦包有!而健康菜式方面,就有「紫菜牛油果多士」、「純素椰菜花『飯』」,素食人士都啱!

經濟通 etnet

What influencer says about TCA Gourmet


仲可以加配精品咖啡,包括掛耳包或冷泡系列☕在家home office嘆番杯,回魂必備🤩

IG: starfruitcayson

What influencer says about TCA Gourmet

喺屋企咁悶 不如一試The Coffee Academics TCA Gourmet系列半熟食材包...材料唔洗自己洗,煮法好簡單,無焗爐可以用一隻煎pan搞掂哂! 據說跟住啲card 就連TCA招牌菜自己都煮到🙌🏻 今次就試吓自己做唔做到先 疫症變廚神並非浪得虛名😽 睇相係咪都好吸引呢? 

🔅喇沙椰香鮮蝦意粉$88 原來都唔係太辣仲好重椰香味,啱哂我同老公食,除咗蝦仲有豆卜、荷蘭豆、芽菜,煮埋一次份量都幾多嫁! 

IG: hailiah27

What influencer says about us

...無論海鮮控、肉食定素食朋友都滿足到...包裝附有 QR Code 食譜,只需依指示,下廚變得好簡單,零失敗。 
我試咗呢個 《喇沙椰香鮮蝦意粉》,大大的虎蝦已經去殻去腸,意粉都烚好,只需將喇沙醬加熱,炒香蝦、魚片同其他配料,再加入喇沙醬和意粉炒勻就可以上碟,唔使 5 分鐘就整好!最抵讚係連伴碟嘅蕃茜都跟埋,真係不得不讚! 呢個 #懶人料理包 最正係令你好似自己煮👩‍🍳 ...人人都可以變廚神🔆🔆

IG: celia723

What influencer says about TCA Gourmet

Semi cooked seafood paella from @thecoffeeacademics ... only takes 5 minutes to cook and this is ready for you to eat at home . Swipe to see the making of the paella. 

IG: misscloud852

What influencer says about TCA Gourmet

At-home brunch is our favourite way to keep Sunday morning easy. Still new to kitchen? The TCA Gourmet online platform, launched by @thecoffeeacademics , offers semi-prepared food pack with a few plant-based choice for you to whip up any gourmet meal effortlessly!  晏咗起身都要嘆返個good morning! 

🎬🌱//TCA Gourmet 半自煮包\\紫菜牛油果多士

#tcagourmet #拯救手殘系列 🧑🏻‍🍳 

IG: greencommon_official

Foodtravelbabe orders TCA Gourmet

😏🙌🏼 Say hello to semi-prepared gourmet packs. Good to keep for days, easy to cook at home.

Cooked this paella in 15min. 👩🏻‍🍳 How's that!

IG: foodtravelbabe

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