01 Panama Esmeralda Gesha Washed Drip Bag Set (10 packs)
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01 Panama Esmeralda Gesha Washed Drip Bag Set (10 packs)

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From the multi-award-winning farm, Finca Santa Teresa, Lavado of Panama situated at up to 1800m asl, we bring you a highly prized Gesha varietal coffee that exudes aromas and taste notes of honeysuckle, lychee and strawberries with a lasting soft and an elegant silky mouthfeel. It is definitely best enjoyed as a filter coffee brewed with a Chemex, V60, or French Press.

ORIGIN: Jaramillo, Quiel and Canas Verdes


ALTITUDE: 1,600 - 1,800 m.a.s.l

PROCESS: Fully Washed


TASTING NOTES: Yuzu | Jasmine | Bergamot

WEIGHT: 12g per pack


    1. Gently tear off the top of the filter bag
    2. Pull the flaps outwards to rest on the brim of the cup
    3. Pour 220ml hot water into the filter bag and brew the coffee over 2:45 mins
    4. Best served black stir it well