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Camp Coffee Pro

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Camp Coffee Pro

The best glamping set to perfectly fit for camping.

In your order:

  • Carrier Bag x 1 pc
  • Bamboo Cup x 1 pc
  • Hario Ceramic Slim Coffee Mill x 1 pc
  • Ethiopia Guji Natural Bean 200g x 1 pc
  • V60 Set (Coffee Dripper & Dispenser) x 1 set

11 Ethiopia Guji Natural Roasted Bean 200g

100% of coffee beans roast on demand locally in HongKong

This coffee originates from the Bule Hora 'Woreda' (administrative district) within Guji. Its distinctiveness is driven by the unique combination of environmental elements in the production process, including high altitudes, fertile soil, and exceptional heirloom varieties.

ORIGIN: Bule Hora Woreda, Guji

VARIETAL: Heirloom

ALTITUDE: 1,920 - 2,040 m.a.s.l.

PROCESS: Natural


TASTING NOTES: Lemon | Mandarin | Honey

WEIGHT: 200g