Corporate Coffee Subscription
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Corporate Coffee Subscription

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Coffee Subscription - Signature Coffee Blends

Subscribe to fresh and locally roasted specialty Arabica coffee, delivered monthly to your doorstep.

Choose Your Favourite Signature Blend:

VIP - This blend is an exquisite fusion of 5 single origin coffees, each with characteristics to honour the city of Hong Kong. The inspiring mix of fruit citrus and rich complexity balanced with a dark chocolate finish is the ultimate reflection of Hong Kong’s energetic and diverse culture. To create this blend, our Roaster sources premium coffee beans from Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Sumatra. Then the green beans are expertly transformed into the perfect medium-dark roast, which creates a harmonious flavour that symbolizes the multiculturalism of Hong Kong.

House Blend - The TCA House Blend is a popular, well balanced, medium-roasted blend (Agtron 55) we use in-house for all espresso drinks. Moreover, it is a blend that brings hope to the farmers at the origin. With years of sourcing, testing and refining, we created a blend using Colombia Supremo, Ethiopia Oromia Grade 1, and Brazil Capricornio Samba. 70% of The Coffee Academïcs' House Blend gives back to farms and farmers through charities and social enterprise around the world. 

Ultra Blend - This blend is a unique fusion of the best from Columbia, Brazil, Tanzania and Indonesia. It makes for a complex and full body espresso with structured layers of sweetness and an aromatic-fruity flavour, and it boasts a silky peanut buttery flavour when milk is added.

Premium Blend - This blend takes the best of Brazilian Cerrado and Columbian Supremo Huila and the resulting expresso exhibits full-bodied almond, dark chocolate and brown-sugar sweetness, with a long-lasting aftertaste.