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Hario Coffee Mill Smart G

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Explore the next generation of Hario grinders with the small and effective Hario Coffee Mill Smart G. Featuring reliable ceramic conical burrs, a light and slim build, and a transparent outer shell that gives you a unique view into the grinding process, this coffee grinder’s a stellar pick for anyone who wants to brew coffee on-the-go without sacrificing flavour quality.



- Ceramic: Burr

- Silicone Rubber: Band

- Polypropylene: Handle Grip

- Stainless Steel: Handle, Shaft, Spring, Grind Adjustment Nut

- Nylon: Washer, Shaft cover, Inner Burr Holder, Grind Adjustment Knob

- Methacrylate Resin: Lid, Hopper, Outer BurrStopper, Ground Coffee Bottle

COLOR: Transparent

SIZE: W150 x D53 x H190mm

CAPACITY: 24g Coffee Ground