【M】Seafood Paella for Two 西班牙海鮮焗飯(二人份)[4-7Day Pre-order]
【M】Seafood Paella for Two 西班牙海鮮焗飯(二人份)[4-7Day Pre-order]
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【M】Seafood Paella for Two 西班牙海鮮焗飯(二人份)[4-7Day Pre-order]

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Seafood Paella

A Spanish classic with king prawns, clams, and scallop, cooked with a blend of Spanish rice, chorizo and fresh herbs 

  • Portion for two
  • This item requires at least 3 days in advance order (3PM order cutoff time)
Ingredients in your order 烹飪材料:
  • Spanish saffron rice with vegetables and chorizo
  • Seafood Mix: Prawns, king shrimp, clams, scallops, squid 
  • Microgreens & lemon
  • 藏紅花飯配雜菜、辣肉腸
  • 海鮮包:虎蝦、蝦肉、蜆、帶子、魷魚
  • 微型蔬菜、檸檬
Recipe Guide 烹飪步驟: 
  1. Heat the saffron rice in a skillet over low heat and add 100ml of water. Cook for 3 minutes.
  2. Lightly season the seafood with salt and pepper. Pan fry until cooked
  3. Add seafood to the saffron rice
  4. Wrap the skillet with foil, and place it in the oven at 180°C for 8 minutes
  5. Add microgreen garnish and a squeeze of lemon before serving
  1. 將藏紅花飯放入平底鐵鑊,加水100毫升,煮3分鐘
  2. 平底鑊中放入橄欖油,把海鮮炒至全熟,添加少量鹽及胡椒
  3. 將海鮮放在飯上
  4. 將整個平底鐵鑊用錫紙包裹,放入180°C爐焗約8分鐘
  5. 取出後加入微型蔬菜、檸檬汁即可享用

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