TCA Coffee Workshops & Classes

Experience a new high and open up your senses to new found flavours in coffee that you newer knew existed. Check out the latest monthly Coffee Workshop Schedule and start your specialty coffee journey with us today! 

Espresso and Milk

Modern cafes employ sophisticated machines to make coffee. Sometimes it looks intimidating. After this course, the participant will experience what a barista does, day in and out when pulling shots and steaming milk to make those delicious and silky smooth cappuccinos and cafe lattes. The intricate and detailed thought and action to every movement that the Barista does will be demystify and a participant will have a newfound appreciation for the skill and art of the barista profession.

Sensory and Cupping

The course opens the participant to how coffee aficionados experience coffee. The nuances and varied descriptions of coffee flavours, taste and tactile experience are explored and experienced. It is like a wine course, except that you get more alert instead of getting tipsy. You will experience a new high and open up your senses to new found flavours in coffee that you never knew existed.

Brewing Skills

The course covers an introduction to world of Filter Brewing of Specialty Coffee. Participants is brought on a hands-on experience to tasting and brewing coffee using pour over methods such as the V60, Chemex and Aeropress. A 1.5 hour experience into the world of handcrafted pour-over coffee and enjoying the fruits of your labour.